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The year 2006 marked the tenth anniversary of the Java language and for me is the most significant in its history. The most important event was the announcement that a GPL version of Java SE will be available sometime in the first half of 2007. If nothing else, all the back and forth "will they, won't they" discussions over open source have been a distraction for the Java community. They also provided a source of FUD to those who don't believe in Java, enabling them to describe the community as divided, fragmented, and imploding under its own mass of internal fighting. I don't believe for a second that any of this was actually occurring; however, some customers I spoke with did have this perception of divided community. Far from it, the Java community is an incredibly healthy place where the pace of innovation and ability to adapt occurs faster than in any other te... (more)

Java Editorial — Not Invented Here: Reject, Repulse, and Reinvent

The phrase "not invented here," or NIH, when applied to technology, describes a resistance by a group to use a perfectly valid solution to a problem they're encountering because they'd rather build the answer from scratch than adopt something existing that already does the job. Assuming that there are no legal or licensing issues to stop the already-built technology from being included, the reasons behind the recalcitrance to its usage usually boil down to human nature. Software engineers are inventors, and inventors like to build things from first principles. Arriving at their ... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: Java's Not Evolving Fast Enough

A programming API represents a documented contract between a function that provides some kind of computing service and those who wish to use it. In Java, once an API is used there is a physical contract between the two that the compiler and JVM enforce. If at some point in the future the author of the API wishes to make changes, they are limited in scope; if the author renames methods or removes arguments, programs that are bound to the previous signature will no longer run. The change can be published with the new version of the class library or framework so that users can upgra... (more)

Total Eclipse

Tim'O Reilly, the eponymous publisher, kicked off EclipseCon 2005 in Burlinghame earlier this year with an excellent presentation titled "Open source business models and design patterns." As well as documenting various failures and successes in the computing world, one message that struck a chord was that to succeed in open source you must design for participation. Three days later, Lee Nackman, CTO of IBM Rational Software and one of the original thinkers behind the Eclipse project, demonstrated how this was one of the core principles built in from the ground up. It had led to t... (more)

SPAM, FUD and Rogue Web Services

SPAM, FUD and Rogue Web Services Most dodgy e-mails are fairly easy to spot, and represent the cost of doing business in a world where  human greed combines itself with technology and gullible users. First one today from "Visa services" who'd insisted I entered my credit card details and password on their web site today to avoid irreversible instant deactivation of my account. Only problem is I don't have a Visa card and their URL had a Zambian IP address so I quickly deleted it.Next suspect in-box entry was claiming to be from a lawyer for a rich deceased ... (more)